Christmas Craft Craziness…

So I decided recently that Stitch in Time’s new venture would be events planning! Because … why not? How hard can it be?

It all started when I found out I was pregnant and unemployed on the same day, sods Mumpreneurlaw! After a few months of urgently trying to find a job before I looked pregnant, I finally decided that now was the perfect time to get stuck in with my own business, because running a business whilst being pregnant/ having a new baby will be super easy, right!?

I have always been interested in events planning, and feel as though it is the perfect companion to my budding bunting business, because all events need bunting!

Working-MumSo, here I am, enjoying growing a baby whilst planning two Christmas Craft Fairs, taking orders for Christmas gifts and decorations, attending Christmas Craft Fairs as a stall holder, working for Handmade Parade and SPLAT Training, and trying to find the time to put my feet up (HA!). However, this might all sound a little crazy, but the best part is, I am absolutely loving it!

The past few months I have taught myself as much as possible about planning events, and have certainly come across a few hurdles… who knew about ‘Temporary Market Licences’!? I am now at a point where I can safely say two fantastic events are going to go ahead, hopefully as smoothly as possible. I have had amazing responses from stallholders and am super excited to see the events come together, and will have to try not to buy all their stock myself, because there are some amazing makers coming along.

If you love a bit of Christmas shopping, and would like to support local business’s then please come along to Stitch in Time HB’s first of many events!

Saturday 8th December, 2-7pm, Heptonstall Museum and Undercroft & Saturday 15th December, 2-6pm, Hope Baptist Chruch, Hebden Bridge.

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