The Best Year Yet…

First of all, here is the obligatory Happy New Year message:


I hope you all had fantastic New Year’s Eve’s? For me it was an evening in my teacup pyjamas with a big bowl of chicken stew, it’s all fun and games when you are growing a baby! I did have a dance around the living room at 12 O’Clock!

So, 2018 for Stitch in Time HB has been brilliant! It was the year that saw the business transform from a bunting making organisation to a community events planning organisation also. As many of you know this transition begin when I found out about our little aubergine in my belly (yes, this week she is aubergine sized!). As they say, ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’, well of courser I translated this as ‘when life gives you a baby, start a new business!’.



Anyway, I am super excited for 2019 for many reasons, but in terms of business this is the year that Stitch in Time HB is going to flourish even more. There are many wonderful things in the pipeline such as a brand new range of baby dresses, and many more community events to come, that are only going to get bigger and better.


Putting aside excitement for 2019, the main reason for this blog is to thank everyone who has supported Stitch in time HB in 2018! This includes: my friends and family, all who has bought our products, all who attended events, liked our page, had stalls at our events, signed up for further information, and even those who just told a friend about Stitch in Time!

Thank you so much!

Without you Stitch in Time Hb would not be where it is now!

*Don’t forget about our half price January sale on all Christmas stock on Etsy.*





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