The Event Planner…

These Christmas Craft Fairs I thought I would have a dabble in, are turning out to be quite successful. So it looks like Stitch in Time HB is going to have a new string to it’s bow in the new year!download

I am so excited to get the ball rolling and turn Stitch in Time HB into a thriving craft events organisation, bringing communities together to share their makes. There are so many different directions I could go with this and right now I am on a journey to define this.

Yesterday myself and fellow crafty queen Jules from Kamala Creations attended a brilliant Business Marketing Workshops by Jonny Ross at Fleek Marketing. The Knowledge Jonny shared was absolutely brilliant, alongside his humorous delivery it was a fantastic morning.

Anyway, I won’t go into the boring details for you guys on what I learnt at this super interesting workshop, but what I will say is it has confirmed my ideas of where I am going in the next year, and I am so excited to share this with you all over the next few months.

So, Heptonstall Victorian Themed Christmas Craft Fair has been and gone, and now it is all hands on deck for tomorrow’s Hebden Bridge Chritsmas Craft Fair. Looking at the interest on Facebook we are intending on welcoming a LOT of people! So, please spread the word, and if you do come along please take a moment to leave me a review on my Facebook page: Stitchhb.


If you are a maker (artist/ musician/ maker of craft beers/ baker etc. etc.) interested in future events please send me an email at

Christmas Craft Craziness…

So I decided recently that Stitch in Time’s new venture would be events planning! Because … why not? How hard can it be?

It all started when I found out I was pregnant and unemployed on the same day, sods Mumpreneurlaw! After a few months of urgently trying to find a job before I looked pregnant, I finally decided that now was the perfect time to get stuck in with my own business, because running a business whilst being pregnant/ having a new baby will be super easy, right!?

I have always been interested in events planning, and feel as though it is the perfect companion to my budding bunting business, because all events need bunting!

Working-MumSo, here I am, enjoying growing a baby whilst planning two Christmas Craft Fairs, taking orders for Christmas gifts and decorations, attending Christmas Craft Fairs as a stall holder, working for Handmade Parade and SPLAT Training, and trying to find the time to put my feet up (HA!). However, this might all sound a little crazy, but the best part is, I am absolutely loving it!

The past few months I have taught myself as much as possible about planning events, and have certainly come across a few hurdles… who knew about ‘Temporary Market Licences’!? I am now at a point where I can safely say two fantastic events are going to go ahead, hopefully as smoothly as possible. I have had amazing responses from stallholders and am super excited to see the events come together, and will have to try not to buy all their stock myself, because there are some amazing makers coming along.

If you love a bit of Christmas shopping, and would like to support local business’s then please come along to Stitch in Time HB’s first of many events!

Saturday 8th December, 2-7pm, Heptonstall Museum and Undercroft & Saturday 15th December, 2-6pm, Hope Baptist Chruch, Hebden Bridge.

Fright Night is Falling Upon us.

Can you believe it is October already? It will soon be Christmas eh!?

But before that … HALLOWEEN!

Are you crazy about Halloween? Do you love to dress up? Go to parties? Take the little ones trick or treating? … and best of all scare yourselves to DEATH… MUHAHAHAH…

Stitch in Time HB have got some frightastic material in store at the moment, so if you’re having a Halloween party this year, or you love to turn your house into a spooky scare kingdom them how about Halloween Bunting?

If you would like to place an order please get in touch at


Make Your Own at Home
with Your Little Ghouls…

These spooky little bats and monsters are the perfect Halloween make with the children, all it takes is toilet roll tubes, card and coloured pens.

How to:

  1. Save your toilet rolls!
  2. Decorate them as spooky as you like!
  3. Hang them around the house…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy… recycled art to let their creative juices flow.

Why Stitch in Time?

36595397_478123012638514_6271911364772495360_nMy passion for sewing began at the age of 21, when i received my prize possession: my beautiful, amazing, trusty sewing machine. I have always been a creative person with skills in the performing and visual arts.
For a couple of years I sewed for fun, made presents for family, and experimented with interesting designs. Due to my career teaching drama I did not have lots of time for my beautiful, amazing, trusty machine.
Meg's operation 10.03.16 (3)
In 2016 I had a laparoscopy operation and was diagnosed with Endometriosis, an excruciatingly painful and mostly incurable illness. The daily struggle with the pain meant I had to have three months off teaching drama as I was unable to keep up with the children, or even keep a smile on my face at times. Shortly after returning to work I was (annoyingly) made redundant.
This is when Stitch in Time HB was born!28157811_1776646062374712_6133474076217311232_n
The name Stitch in Time was inspired by the struggle of this dark time in my life. During a teary moment my Aunt said,
“This is just a Stitch in Time.”
Which, I obviously did not believe at the time as I could not see a light at the end of the tunnel, but now I see her point exactly!
I look back on that time in my life and appreciate how lucky I am that my body has recovered and has reached a point where my Endometriosis is manageable, and out of these dark times came my lovely business where I am able to brighten up people’s lives with lovingly made products.
Each product made by Stitch in Time is a sharing of peace and love.
Italy 21.03.18 (34)
Browse Stitch in Time’s products at
Coming soon: Endometriosis Awareness Bunting

Mindful Makers.

Thanks to the WONDERFUL Nova Collective, myself and the equally WONDERFUL Kamala Creations had the opportunity to collaborate our artistic vibes and merge into ‘Mindful Makers’ for the day at Mytholmroyd Gala on July 7th.

Meg 4

Using arts and creativity the Mindful Makers workshop explored the meaning on happiness, which in turn SPREAD THE HAPPY VIBES…. because after all, happiness is contagious!

It was a scrumptious sunny day filled with lots of lovely food, exciting activities, and fantastic music. Everybody’s faces were plastered with beaming smiles, their bellies filled with delights from the likes of Ricks Mexican (the best food in the valley, may I add) and The CO-OP’s freebies, and their ears perked by musical delights from Hebden Radio and The Orangebox’s young people. So, our task of spreading the happiness wasn’t at all hard to do, although I’d like to think we added that little extra in their hearts.

Rita Schiano says ‘Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit, talk aboutbunting 3 your joys’, and this is what we did.

Through the medium of creativity our guests were welcomed into our beautiful space to create mandalas and bunting expressing what makes them happy. The discussions had in our little happy corner were truly fascinating. From ‘days spent with family’ to ‘playing Minecraft’, all the happy vibes shared were THE BEST!

A truly happy day had by all!


Stitch in Time HB and Kamala Creations!

Thank you Mytholmroyd Gala, and all you amazing happy people.

Yours happily,

Mindful Makers.







What is Happiness?


Happiness is the people you love.

Happiness is the stranger in the street smiling back.

Happiness is an empty to-do list.

Happiness is a log fire.

Happiness is a freshly vacuumed carpet.

Happiness is travelling to new places and seeing new things.

Happiness is feeling blessed, and sharing tea with those you love.

Happiness is something great that happens to you that you don’t expect.

Happiness is creating the baby.

Happiness is being young at heart no matter what your body says.

Happiness is a smile to a stranger.

Happiness is the right piece of music at just the right time.

Happiness is clean sheets.

Happiness is HiFi.

Happiness is perspective and purpose.

Happiness is puppies, kittens, ducklings, lambs, pretty much any baby animals really.

Happiness is people loving other people.

Happiness is knowing that people accept me for who I am.

Happiness is buses.

Happiness is a good nights sleep.

Happiness is helping people and doing something you love.

Happiness is the feeling of sand between your toes.

Happiness is freshly cut flowers and a bowl of fruit.

Happiness is friends making you laugh.

Happiness is a drive with the window down on a sunny day.

Happiness is contentment.

Happiness is why we are here?