Messy Minis at Hebden Bridge Craft Fair!


Messy Minis is a brilliant, fantastic, wonderful (insert all other positive adjectives) art group based in Hedben Bridge. The group runs during term time Tuesdays, 9.45 – 11.15 at Hebden Royd Methodist Church opposite the Co-op. Messy Minis hosts a wide range of sensory and process arts and crafts for little ones from newborn upwards. Each week there is a new theme to the activities, from rainbows to autumn colours. Jocasta (the lovely lady who runs the group) finds new and interesting ways to use everyday items to make fabulous art, and provide a lovely experience for the little ones.

This year at Hebden Bridge Christmas Arts and Crafts fair we have the absolute delight of hosting Messy Minis upstairs at The Hope Baptist church!

We cannot wait to see you and your little ones at The Hope Baptist Church on the 7th December to get involved in some Christmas themed arts, crafts and sensory activities.

Messy Minis will be providing a range of Christmas themed craft activities, for you to make and take away with you. Some crafts will be free of charge and some will have a small fee. Craft based activities for all the family to enjoy.

Click here to find out more about Messy Minis. 

So… we are definitely providing something for the whole family…

Drinks, cakes, shopping, music, and something to entertain the little ones!

See you there!



Christmas Is In The Air…

Well, we’re nearing mid November and Christmas is just around the corner.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Are you starting with the Christmas shopping worries?

Well… fear not! Come along to our Christmas Fairs and pick up some wonderful handmade products for your loved ones.

We’ll have all sorts of brilliant makes from jewellery to lampshades… notebooks, bunting, and more…

Save the dates:

23rd November, Heptonstall Museum

7th December, Hope Baptist Church Hebden Bridge

Christmas Events…

pinecone-elves-christmas-craft-1534366426The nights are drawing in, fires are being lit, and Christmas is just around the corner…

Stitch in Time HB have got two Christmas Fairs coming up, like last year we are working with Heptonstall museum and Hope Baptist Church (Hebden Bridge). Last years events were very successful (apart from the ice rain in Hebden Bridge… we’ll try our best to order some good/ accessible weather this year!), so we’re hoping to have even more through the doors this year!

To make our events as successful as they are we rely on our amazing artists, makers, musicians, and volunteers.

So.. this blog is a CALL OUT for the above!

We are on the hunt for wonderful artists who would like a stall at one or both of our Christmas events.

Do you have a small craft business? Or do you craft as a hobby and feel like sharing your crafts this Christmas? Then why not have a stall at one of our events!


Stitch in Time HB events promote communities getting together to share their work and shopping locally. There’s no need to go to the big cities and spend money in high street shops when you can buy a beautiful handmade gift right on your doorstep.

If you are interested in having a stall please follow this link to find out more, and apply:

Click here!

Merry Christmas bunting flag isolated on white  background

Spring Affair 2019

Planning and preparation for our upcoming community craft event in May is well underway! We are super excited about all the wonderful artists and musicians who have signed up.

We have a wide variety of stall holders due to be there on the 4th May, showing off their beautiful work. Oh, and don’t forget the wonderful spring themed cocktails on offer!

If you follow our Facebook event you can get a sneak peek into the stall holders and musicians that will be there…. click here to follow the event.


Spring Affair 2019

Stitch in Time HB presents our latest event, Spring Affair 2019. It will be a joyous Spring themed community event, involving artists, makers and musicians from in and around the surrounding areas of Hebden Bridge.flower

We invite you all with open arms to join us in celebrating the nicer weather and longer days, and supporting to local artists.

We are still on the hunt for artists, makers and musicians so please spread the word, and get involved!

If you are interested in knowing more information please get in touch at

As always,

much love and happiness!


Memory Bunting

‘Memory Bunting’!
So, I am sure you have seen memory blankets, now what about memory bunting?
                                                                               This commission was a beautiful top that my mum had bought in Vietnam, which 51670552_958921957831010_2923498386285920256_nunfortunately frayed as soon as we got home.
The top was very special to her as it hold special memories, so we decided to make it into bunting! She can now have this beautiful piece above her fireplace and remember that amazing trip to Vietnam always.
Maybe you have some old fabric, clothes, baby clothes etc. that you keep tucked away in a box because it is special… what about bringing that memory to life by making it into bunting? 

Apologies for the Irony.

‘If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ This is a philosophical question that has been thought about for years.


I have come to realise recently that the modern day version of this is,

‘If you don’t post or blog about it, did it really happen?’

Have you noticed this?

I mean, you can look at it simply, by just scrolling down your Facebook page and thinking, ‘I really don’t need to know what you had for your tea Rachel!’ (Apologies to all Rachel’s). But also, have you not realised that no one has any secrets anymore? No one has any news to tell you when you see them?

imagesI have found this particularly noticeable, as I have not announced my pregnancy on social media. I have since bumped in people in my hometown who are genuinely offended that they did not know I was pregnant… eh!? Excuse me, this is my body, and my baby! Surely, this just shows that we do not take the time to interact with friends these days, as we rely on them getting up dates via social media on your lives, and vise versa.

I mean, really, what do you talk to your friends about anymore? There’s no point even asking them what they had for tea last night…

images (1)

The Best Year Yet…

First of all, here is the obligatory Happy New Year message:


I hope you all had fantastic New Year’s Eve’s? For me it was an evening in my teacup pyjamas with a big bowl of chicken stew, it’s all fun and games when you are growing a baby! I did have a dance around the living room at 12 O’Clock!

So, 2018 for Stitch in Time HB has been brilliant! It was the year that saw the business transform from a bunting making organisation to a community events planning organisation also. As many of you know this transition begin when I found out about our little aubergine in my belly (yes, this week she is aubergine sized!). As they say, ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’, well of courser I translated this as ‘when life gives you a baby, start a new business!’.



Anyway, I am super excited for 2019 for many reasons, but in terms of business this is the year that Stitch in Time HB is going to flourish even more. There are many wonderful things in the pipeline such as a brand new range of baby dresses, and many more community events to come, that are only going to get bigger and better.


Putting aside excitement for 2019, the main reason for this blog is to thank everyone who has supported Stitch in time HB in 2018! This includes: my friends and family, all who has bought our products, all who attended events, liked our page, had stalls at our events, signed up for further information, and even those who just told a friend about Stitch in Time!

Thank you so much!

Without you Stitch in Time Hb would not be where it is now!

*Don’t forget about our half price January sale on all Christmas stock on Etsy.*