Bespoke Bunting

Stitch in Time makes beautiful bunting, and other brilliant bits… made with love.

Find Stitch in Time products on Etsy: StitchintimeHebden

Handmade delights for special occasions, pretty presents or simply to brighten up your life.
Bespoke bunting for special occasions can be made especially for you.

Stitch in Time also specialises in ‘evaluation’ and ‘celebration’ bunting. Inspired by a love for exploring the meaning of happiness, combined creative bunting has become Stitch in Times speciality. Whether you are evaluating an event, or want an interesting idea to collect messages at a special event, why not use bunting; guests are invited to design a piece of bunting with a message, which is then sewn together to look beautiful and sent back to you to display in your home, workplace, community…

make art together and spread the creative love!

Be happy!

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