Mindful Makers.

Thanks to the WONDERFUL Nova Collective, myself and the equally WONDERFUL Kamala Creations had the opportunity to collaborate our artistic vibes and merge into ‘Mindful Makers’ for the day at Mytholmroyd Gala on July 7th. Using arts and creativity the Mindful Makers workshop explored the meaning on happiness, which in turn SPREAD THE HAPPY VIBES…. because after all, happinessContinue reading “Mindful Makers.”

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the people you love. Happiness is the stranger in the street smiling back. Happiness is an empty to-do list. Happiness is a log fire. Happiness is a freshly vacuumed carpet. Happiness is travelling to new places and seeing new things. Happiness is feeling blessed, and sharing tea with those you love. Happiness isContinue reading “What is Happiness?”